Straw Marquetry

Elisabeth Eder Straw Marquetry

I never worked with straw before and the straw marquetry doesn’t look too difficult ;-)

Mainly it is straw, made softer with water, cut open and flattet and then glued on plain printing paper as parallel as possible.
She made two sheets, one with natural straw, one with straw dyed with batik colours.
Both sheets are stacked with a template and then cut carefully with an X-acto knife.
Then she put the pieces together as you can see in the tutorial.

Straw Marquetry (Bilder aus Stroh – Anleitung) (German) => scroll down to ‘Stroh-Intarsienbilder’

The pictures are from Intarsien aus Stroh.

Google translation of the tutorial

Beeswax Collage

Beeswax Collage - Bienenwachs Collage

I find making collages fascinating.
One interesting technique to glue your items to the base is the so-called beeswax collage (for links to tutorials see Links below). It gives a warm colour to the collage and if polished a nice shine too.
On the photo you can see my first (and up until now last) attempt to do this. I collaged pieces of different newspapers (Chinese, Arabic, Corean) and self-made papers and than embroidered the spiral by hand.

At ARTchix Studio: Beeswax Collage: the link isn’t available no more.

At art-e-zine: Beeswax Collage

Google search results for ‘beeswax collage’
Google image search results for ‘beeswax collage’

Nail File Envelope

Nail File Envelope

Once I found instructions on how to make a nail file envelope, which I embraced, because me too, I never have such a file when I need it and I don’t like to search ‘free’ nail files in the depths of my bag.

I’m not much of a stamper (although I would like to be ;-)), so I made them with my own with markers and a little moist coloured tissue papers, I collaged them from magazines and I made them from doodled coffee-dyed newspaper (see second photo).

Nail File Envelope Because I own 5 cm wide clear packaging tape (a little less than 2 inches), I made the envelopes slender enough to cover them completely with the tape. This way they are sturdier and more robust in the depths of my bag ;-)
The nail file envelopes are a lot of fun to make and a very good giveaway at nearly everybody. Even men took them voluntarily! ;-)
Most fun for everybody is, when I present the whole range of my nail file envelopes and everybody can select their own.

Nail File Envelope