Hot Glue Earrings

Four Front Doors Hot Glue Earrings

I have already presented several entries to the topics hot glue and glue and jewelry, the hot glue earrings match this greatly :)
And I find them also very nice!


Hot Glue Earrings (Glue Gun Glam!) (englisch)

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Faux Milk Glass Jewelry

Rosyscription Faux Milk Glass Jewelry

Well, doesn’t the faux milk glass jewelry look nice?
Simply made from hot glue ;-)

The textured faux milk glass and the faux ceramic and milk glass vases are made in another way.


Faux Milk Glass Jewelry (Faux Milk Glass Jewelry Pendants)
via: Faux Milk Glass Jewelry

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Faux Stained Glass

thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich Faux Stained Glass

This jewelry from faux stained glass looks nice, doesn’t it? :)
It is made from cardboard, glue, acrylic colours and aluminum foil ;-)
By the way, I have also presented something similar from polymer clay, the stained glass tile beads.


Faux Stained Glass (DIY Cheap Faux Stained Glass Beads!)

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