Faux Stained Glass

thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich Faux Stained Glass

This jewelry from faux stained glass looks nice, doesn’t it? :)
It is made from cardboard, glue, acrylic colours and aluminum foil ;-)
By the way, I have also presented something similar from polymer clay, the stained glass tile beads.


Faux Stained Glass (DIY Cheap Faux Stained Glass Beads!)

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Embossing Yoghurt Lids

Embossing Yoghurt Lids

Once I found the suggestion to use the metallic lids of yoghurt cups for embossing (but I don’t know where). Some people use tomato paste tubes ;-)
The metal lid of the yoghurt cups is much softer and can easily be distorted, but they had a solution for this (unfortunately I don’t know anymore, who ‘they’ were): they filled the backside of the embossed metallic foil with PVA glue.

I tried it once and I like what happened.
On the photo you see my results: I put the foil on the mouse pad, embossed it, cut it with scissors, filled the back with PVA glue and waited (!) for the glue to dry. I coloured both roses with nail polish.
The items are lightweight and less bulky than the tomato paste tube embossed. They can easily be used for cardmaking.

Tomato paste tubes revealed