Plaster Freeform Sculpture

FirstPalette Plaster Freeform Sculpture

I’ve presented a plaster freeform sculpture before which has been ‘carved’.
This plaster freeform sculpture here is poured in a balloon and knead there in shape.
Sounds interesting – and not only for children ;-)

If you’re not a ‘balloon kneader’ try the balloon bowls where the bowls are shaped with the help of the balloons.


Plaster Freeform Sculpture (Plaster of Paris Freeform Sculpture)
via: 10 Plaster of Paris Crafts to Try with Your Kids
via: 10 Plaster of Paris Crafts to Try with your Kids

Here at unikatissima:
Plaster Free-Form Sculpture
Balloon Bowls

Light and Shadow Sculpture

Kumi Yamashita Light and Shadow Sculpture

I find that this light and shadow sculpture is a combination of the already presented cut paper designs and the free hanging shadow & light sculpture.
Anyway, I find it great!


Light and Shadow Sculpture (Light & Shadow)

Here at unikatissima:
Cut Paper Designs
Secret Image Shadow & Light Sculpture