Faux Quilt Votives

Just Something I Made Faux Quilt Votives

I find this idea really great, too: simply scan old quilts, print, sew a little and wrap around a votive ;-)
It’s a little bit as with the Fabric/Paper Place Mat.
And I think that it would look wonderful, too, with a paper Crazy Quilt!

By the way: the paper gets more transparent when you paint it slightly with oil.
It will smell a while, but then the smell disappears ;-)

On the page she also shows how to print the quilt picture onto inkjet T-shirt transfer and embellish leather with it – great!

Faux Quilt Votives (Faux Vintage Quilt Fun)

Here at unikatissima:
Fabric/Paper Place Mat
Papier Crazy Quilt

Scrap Quilt

Quiltville Scrap Quilt

Hm, at the end of the year they say that one must tidy up a little to have a good start into the next year.
What about making a scrap quilt to work up all those little left-over pieces of fabric from the different projects?
Or can’t you finish a quilt that fast?

Scrap Quilt (Crumbs, Crumbs Crumbs!!!)
Perhaps also interesting: a Scrap User’s System

Crazy Quilt Photo Frame

Crazy Quilt Photo Frame

Once I wanted to make a photo frame for a friend. There are so many ways to do this, but then I got an idea I still find great ;-))


Crazy Quilt Photo Frame I used a simple glass frame as seen on the second photo that I already had at home and glued a kind of Paper Crazy Quilt with two windows for the photos onto the glass.
I used flower photos from an ad as paper and the only embroidery stitches I used where the zigzag stitches, because I wanted it to be simple.


Here at unikatissima:
Paper Crazy Quilt