Fabric Inchie Collage

dotslifeandart Fabric Inchie Collage

I told before how you can make matching, but not equal paper inchies*.

Here she shows how to make wondeful fabric inchies.
It must be a lot of fun.

* What is an inchie? An Inchie is a 1″ square of art. They are made from paper or fabric and then embellished in innumerable ways (see links below).

1″ fabric collage tutorial…

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Here at unikatissima:
Serendipity Collage

Needle Felting Your Knit

unikatissima Needle Felting Your Knit

I presented before some tutorials and inspirations on the subject of ‘felting’, but it were mostly instructions on how to produce something from felt.
The tutorial on how to felt on self-knitted items is a little different: we take a sweater or bag or the like that we have knitted (ok, bought works also ;-)) and applique a felt decoration.
I surely will give it a try once!

Decorate Your Knitting with Needle Felting

Here at unikatissima: entries with the tag ‘felting’


Pendant to be embellished
One day I wanted to have a pendant-to-be-embellished and decided to create it myself.
On the photo you see both sides of a charm of about 1,5 cm (appr. 0.6 inches) which I embellished with self-dyed fabric and some metallic yarn embroidery.
The embellishment isn’t quite what I dreamed of, but the core pendant worked well.

This is how I did it:
You need:

  • some cardboard (the thickness of the middle piece must be about the same as the wire)
  • some wire
  • glue

Pendant to be embellished img 1: Cut 3 equal pieces of your cardboard.


Pendant to be embellished img 2: Wrap the wire round a dowel to form the eye. Then turn a couple of times to form the peg and then form a bigger eye which will be hidden in the pendant.
Note: I prefer the hidden part of the wire to be an eye because then the wire can’t be dragged out by accident.


Pendant to be embellished img 3: Take the cardboard piece which will sit in the middle and trace your hanger.


Pendant to be embellished img 4: Cut out the place you will need for the hanger.


Pendant to be embellished img 5: Glue the hanger and the middle cardboard pieces onto one outer cardboard piece.
Note: I glue on also the cardboard piece in the eye to prevent having a hollow.


Pendant to be embellished img 6: Glue the other outer cardboard piece onto. Your pendant-to-be-embellished is finished and you may begin with the embellishments.


Pendant to be embellished Pendant to be embellished
img 7 & 8: This is a solution for a 2-eyed pendant.


There are so many ways to embellish your self-made pendant (mini collages, painted, beaded, stamped etc), I’d love to see them.
Please feel free to comment here to show your trinkets.

Have fun!