Polymer Clay Zentangles

Doras Explorations Polymer Clay Zentangles

When I saw the tutorial on how to make polymer clay Zentangles I thought: ‘Wow! What a great idea!’

Up until now I only sketched my Zentangles and made a lot of things with Fimo and I even thought about making the polymer clay letter cane ;-)
I still have some black and white polymer clay canes, perhaps I can make something with them.

Polymer Clay Zentangles (Let’s Zentangle !! Making a Zentangle with Polymer Clay) – with a slide show where the steps are very well described

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Polymer Clay Letter Cane
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While surfing I found Zentangles, which is nothing else than doodling.
But when I browsed the galleries I really, really wanted to try it, although I normally don’t feel at my ease with doodling.
My first attempt was ugly, because I tried to ‘create’ something. Then I took a little sheet of paper and started doodling without thinking about.
I was surprised at how beautiful it turned out ;-)


Doodle Bags

Textile Ideen Doodle Bags

Doesn’t the bag look great?
There’s even a short instruction (actually it doesn’t have to be longer ;-)):
They are putting a cardboard into the bag so that the dye don’t bleed through to the back side, then they start to doodle the first item with a black fabric pen (washable!), after this the next item and the rest happens all by itself.
They say that the doodling is completely relaxing and that also children have much fun with it.

A Zentangles bag surely would look wonderful, too ;-)

Doodle Bags (Kritzeltaschen) (German):
Entry showing the picture
Short instruction

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