Polymer Clay Zentangles

Doras Explorations Polymer Clay Zentangles

When I saw the tutorial on how to make polymer clay Zentangles I thought: ‘Wow! What a great idea!’

Up until now I only sketched my Zentangles and made a lot of things with Fimo and I even thought about making the polymer clay letter cane ;-)
I still have some black and white polymer clay canes, perhaps I can make something with them.

Polymer Clay Zentangles (Let’s Zentangle !! Making a Zentangle with Polymer Clay) – with a slide show where the steps are very well described

Here at unikatissima:
Polymer Clay Letter Cane
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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Zentangles”

  1. ‘Thanks so much for mentioning my blog !’
    Well, with such a great idea I’m proud to present your blog! :)
    Anyway I will come back to see what else you’re doing (with polymer clay) ;-)

    ‘Aren’t Zentangles fun?’
    They are! And I wish I had more time to play around with them ;-)

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