Carving Stamps

ARD-Buffet Carving Stamps

Also a nice idea: carving stamps from wood.
I find the idea to carve a rolling stamp from a rolling pin most interesting :)

If that’s not quite for you you may want to take a look at the following entries here in the blog:
Rolling Pin Prints, Rolling Pin Prints II and Rolling Stamps, perhaps one of them is better for you.
Or take a look at what you find under the topic ‘rolling pin’.


Carving Stamps (Model schnitzen) (German)

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Vegetable Animals

Vegetable Animals

Aren’t these vegetable animals cute?
If you too find them too cute to eat take a look at the other food decorations I’ve presented before ;-)


Vegetable Animals (I think this would be fun….until I had to cut into the cute animals to eat them. :\)
=> unfortunately I haven’t found the original instruction

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Watermelon Carving

BuzzFeed Rebecca E Watermelon Carving

I’ve presented the Baby Melon before, as this watermelon carved swimmer shows you can make much more with watermelon carving.
The swimmer is only one of 75 presented carved watermelons, look also at the others, they’re really amazing! :)


Watermelon Carving (75 Awesome Watermelon Carvings – 6.)
via: Watermelon carving

Unfortunately I didn’t find out where the picture on top comes from, if you know it please tell me :)

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Baby Melon