Beaded Square Stitch Heart

unikatissima Bead Square Stitch Heart

Because it’s not long to Valentine’s Day any more I’d like to offer a template for you to bead a heart with square stitch (for instructions on how to do the square stitch see links below).
It’s great to make a card but can be made into a piece of jewelry as well.


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


unikatissima Bead Square Stitch And here you can see easily where the name ‘square stitch’ comes from ;-))


Standard Square Stitch Beading Tutorial
Making Square Stitch Samples Part I – shows also the ‘Circular Flat Square Stitch’

Perlenhobby Anleitungen (German) => click ‘Anleitungen’ in the left navigational bar => click ‘Quadratstich’