Photo Kaleidocycles

foldplay Photo Kaleidocycles

Once I had the Kaleidocycles book from M.C.Escher and I even folded some of the kaleidocycles, but then I never thought about it any more.
Until I found the page where you can let make kaleidocycles from your own potos.

If you want to see a kaleidocycle in action, look at the M.C.Escher Kaleidocycles the middle picture.
Or look at one of the videos in internet.
You can also read more about kaleidocycles or simply look at photos of them.

But best is making one yourself and to ‘spin round’ ;-))

Photo Kaleidocycles (Make your very own kaleidocycle)
via: Bastelei mit Fotos:

Kaleidocycles books from M.C.Escher at:

Animation at M.C.Escher Kaleidozyklen:
English page (middle picture)
German page (middle picture)

About kaleidocycles at Mathematische Basteleien:
English page
German page

Google image search result for ‘kaleidocycle’
Google video search result for ‘kaleidocycle’