Fast Food

unikatissima Fast Food
If you have lots to do (crafting, knitting, crocheting, working with polymer clay or the like ;-)), it is great if you quickly get something to eat if you get hungry.
Furthermore it’s good if the food is somewhat healthy.
Rcently I tried something that I want to present now:

Quick Vegetable Soup


  • packet soup or the like that is quickly done
    • I had a wild mushroom soup that had to be mixed with 3/4 l cold water, boiled up and then simmer at low heat for five minutes, other quick soups work also, then you must adapt the preparation
  • vegetables
    • I had an onion, a carrot and a zucchini
  • a little bit of oil

  • Dice the onion and fry softly until translucent.
  • In the meantime dice the other vegetables, too and set aside the different sorts.
    • It is a matter of setting apart the vegetables that only need five minutes on low temperature (zucchini, sweet pepper, broccoli etc) from those that need rather ten minutes (e.g. carrots, aubergins).
  • Fill some of the water that is needed for the packet soup into the onions, add the carrot dices and simmer on low heat for five minutes.
    • You treat thus first the 10-minute-vegetables.
  • Add the rest of the water mixed with the packet soup and the 5-minute-vegetables and let simmer on low heat for another five minutes – done.

The soup was really tasty and eaten faster than I was able to take photos ;-)

And if you use a different ready-to-serve soup every time (tomato soup, glass noodle soup or, if you eat meat, Chinese sweet-and-sour soup and oxtail soup), you have every time a completely different taste with the same recipe ;-)