Youknits designer description



  1. As you can see in the text below the button ‘press here to start YouKnits’, you can now work offline until you close the YouKnits designer.
    To start the YouKnits designer again, go online again until you see the startscreen once more.


YouKnits just started

    YouKnits just started

  1. Click ‘close’ to close all slides that hide the grid now.
  2. You can drag YouKnits from the slides to the grey field on top to create your personal subset.
  3. Over the YouKnits in the slides you find the set number and the price of each YouKnit in this set (e.g. set #02, price of each YouKnit in this set is $2).
    Below the YouKnits you can see their numbers (e.g. 007a).
  4. Right from the slides you see their scrollbar which shows that there are more slides (and more YouKnits ;-)) further down.
  5. Click ‘show help’ to open the help window.


Help window

    help window

  1. After you’ve opened the help window by clicking the button ‘show help’ you can reduce its size to the titlebar by clicking on the down arrow in the titlebar (2).
    Move it around by clicking on the titlebar and dragging it.
  2. The down arrow in the titlebar.
  3. Close the help window by clicking on the button ‘hide help’ or by clicking the little white square on the right of its titlebar.


Make your own YouKnits design

    Make your own YouKnits design

    • I dragged the (free) YouKnits of set #00 into my subset (grey field), because I use them often.

    • Below the YouKnits you can see their number (e.g. 003a) and where they’re from (e.g. set #00).
    • The personal subset can hold 21 YouKnits maximum in three rows.
    • You can delete YouKnits from the personal subset by holding down key ‘shift’ and clicking the YouKnit.
    • You can move a YouKnit from its place in subset to first position in subset by holding down key ‘alt’ and clicking the YouKnit.
  1. Scroll your personal subset to see all YouKnits.
  2. The dark grey field where you can drag the YouKnits to is the grid.
    The grid has its own scrollbar at its right side and you can move the grid by clicking on the grid and dragging it around.
    Its maximum size is 28 x 28 YouKnits (equals 452 stitches x 898 rows!).
  3. Drag YouKnits from the slides or your personal subset onto the grid to make your personal YouKnits design.
    • The YouKnits on the grid can be:

    • moved by dragging them somewhere else on the grid,
    • deleted from the grid by holding down key ‘shift’ and clicking the YouKnit or by dragging them outside the grid,
    • copied from the grid onto the grid by holding down key ‘alt’, clicking the YouKnit and dragging the new YouKnit somewhere else on the grid.
    • If you drop a YouKnit onto another, the older one disappears (is removed).
    • The buttons and sliders in the red box all work on the grid:

    • add and delete rows and columns,
    • clear it and make a new start for your design,
    • zoom it in and out and
    • undo (only!) the last action you made on the grid.


Make a YouKnits design with triangles

    Make a YouKnits design with triangles

  1. If you make a design with triangles you will see strange notches in the design.
    Ignore them, please, because when you will knit your design there will be a smooth edge.
    See the how-to at ravelry, pages 14 et sqq., the chart and the texts.
    Note: You don’t have to be a ravelry member.
    I asked to open my ravelry shop for the public, and the links from the PDF mentioned above will bring you there.
    There you can also get the free downloads without going through paypal.


Make PDF

    make PDF

    1. When you have finished your personal design, press the button ‘make PDF’ to let generate a PDF file and to save it on your harddisk.
      The file contains:

    2. an overview picture of your personal YouKnits design,
    3. for large patterns a page reference chart (shows which part of the YouKnits distribution chart is printed on which page),
    4. the YouKnits distribution chart (shows the order in which YouKnits have to be worked) and
    5. a list of all the YouKnits you used in your personal pattern with links to the appropriate ravelry pages.
  1. The pattern in the PDF is cropped to the actually used rows and columns of YouKnits.


Make PDF – patience, please

    make PDF-patience please

  1. If you have made large personal YouKnits designs the generation of the PDF may take some time.


Save PDF

    Save PDF

  1. After the PDF has been generated, the PDF has got a unique name, that you can change of course.
  2. Save it on your harddisk wherever you can find it back ;-))


Save PDF – succeeded

    Save PDF-succeeded

  1. If the saving of the PDF has succeeded, the YouKnits designer says so.


Save PDF – not succeeded

    Save PDF-not succeeded

  1. If the generated PDF can’t be saved, then the YouKnits designer asks you to save it in another directory (folder).
      This can happen, if you have renamed a PDF (e.g. to unikatissima_YouKnits_TriangleShawl.pdf), opened it in Acrobat Reader and then try to save a PDF under the same name.
      You can then

    • save it under another name (e.g. to unikatissima_YouKnits_TriangleShawl2.pdf) or
    • under the same name after having closed the PDF file in Acrobat Reader which will overwrite the previous PDF file or
    • under the same name in another directory (folder).