You can see here my fractals, collages, artist books and miscellaneous.
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(What are fractals? (answer at the end of this page))

Fractal Feuerwerk Fractal Abyss


I will complete this later.



Collage Feuilleté Collage Garden of Roses


I will complete this later.


Artist Books

Artist Book Traurigkeit Artist Book Smakelijke Soepen Artist Book Primo inter pares Artist Book Blickkontakt



Talisman Chamsa


What are fractals?

You can find a ‘real’ definition at Wikipedia e.g.
A fractal is in principle something with a structure that repeats in itself.
For me, a fractal means visualized mathematics with a variety of ‘species’ that only can be found in nature –
   always exiting, always interesting, always beautiful.