Crochet Joining

unikatissima Crochet Joining

At the moment I’m crocheting a lot and when crocheting, I prefer to make those previously mentioned medaillons that I must join.
Because I don’t like to sew them together afterwards I’m joining them while crocheting (see links below).
First thing I like about is that I don’t have to sew ;-)) and second that I can watch the item grow.

Flat Braid Square Joining Method
Addendum of February 2009: The link above doesn’t work anymore, you can find the instruction for the ‘Flat Braid Square Joining Method’ now as PDF (about 1 MB) at Priscilla’s Crochet – Free Pattern Index, check there for ‘Afghan Edgings & Joinings’.

Here at unikatissima: Clothes From Crocheted Medaillons