Where the hell is Matt?

wherethehellismatt Dancing 2005

I told before, that I’m stretching regularly to prevent me from getting pain from crafting or from needlework.
Now I have something new that I do occasionally: I’m dancing with Matt.
I’m playing the video Dancing 2008 and dance in the same way that he does (and lots of other people with him).
Afterwards I’m happy and relaxed and my shoulders are enthusiastic to continue to participate in knitting the next item ;-))

At Where the hell is Matt?: Videos
Somewhere stands the following text: “High quality downloadable versions available here, courtesy of the nice folks at Stride gum.“.
The video is very big (about 70MB I think), but it is worth looking!
I also liked looking the older videos (Dancing 2006 und Dancing 2005).
And reading the FAQ ;-)

Here at unikatissima: Pain From Crafting