Citrus Fruit Ornament

unikatissima Citrus Fruit Ornament

Long ago I found (German) instructions for ornaments made from citrus fruit. They seem to be fragrant.
Last time I checked the site they didn’t show the images, but it is very easy.

That’s what you have to do:

  1. Sketch the pattern onto the citron or the orange (e.g. with a ball pen).
  2. Cut the pattern (it is the same technique as with the eraser stamps: cut the pattern diagonally).
  3. Subsequently you can decorate your ornament with cloves.

On the photo you see my first try. I tried to cut a too broad pattern, I doesn’t really like it.
Fortunately I can continue experimenting and when making faults, I can ‘nibble’ some delicious orange ;-))


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