Calorimetry Headband

unikatissima Calorimetry

I really wanted to have a hat, but with my ponytail I don’t like them.
The Calorimetry Headband was the solution and I knitted it in a very short time.
You can see it on the photo ‘in action’.
(To take a photo of myself is not as simple as I thought ;-)))

I find the Calorimetry Headband brilliant.
First: a hat is for people with long hair often difficult to wear and the headband put all those problems away.
Second: I like the short rows pattern.
And third: because it can be done in a really short time it is a very good gift for the (ok, last but one) minute.
And it can even be knitted by impatient people ;-))

unikatissima Calorimetry
I had to adapt the size and the number of stitches, because I used totally different yarn, but I’m really pleased with it ;-)

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