Mosaic Table Light

bastelfanatiker Window Colour Mosaic

I found an instruction on how to make glass table lights with translucent mosaic. They are made in an interesting and easy way with Window Colours*, but of course you can do this with translucent polymer clay as well.

* Window Colours are those glass paints that come in plastic bottles and can be used on acetate, I don’t know the exact English name.


That’s how they do it:
(see images on instruction site for better understanding)

  • You make from the glass paint a layer of about 1 mm on plastic foil and let it dry thoroughly.
  • When dry and not sticky anymore (after about 3 days), you cut it in mosaic pieces.
  • You can glue now the pieces on glass (with Modpodge e.g.).
  • Fill the little gaps between the mosaic tile with tile filler (follow the instructions).
  • Afterwards you can cover your glass with varnish to make it shine.

One day then… Sigh.

Mosaik mit WindowColour (German)