Felting Buttons

unikatissima Felting Buttons

I presented already several tutorials with the subject ‘felting’ but I always discover more that I find brilliant and where I would never have had the idea myself.
One of them is the idea to felt buttons (German with good explaining photos).


unikatissima Felting Buttons I have lots of old buttons and as you can see on the photo not all look very nice.

I like the felted button much better, even though it was nothing but a first test.
I think that I could even embroider it, just like the needle felted bead cabochons and the bottlecap pincushions.

Felting Buttons (Knöpfe umfilzen) (German with good explaining photos)
via faserfimmel

Descriptions of embroidery stitches (English)
Descriptions of embroidery stitches (German)

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