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Lemonade Award
One month ago Kokopelli nominated me already for the ‘Lemonade award for attitude and gratitude’.
Once again thank you so much, I’m really proud of it!

My entry has been delayed because I thought over and over again to whom I should give the award.
As result of my thinking I reached the decision that I can’t give it further as expected:
I’m presenting here every day instructions, many are published on blogs.
And I think that every single author who bothers to write a blog entry with his or her own instruction deserves the award already!
Thus I want to thank you all out there who provide tutorials just for the fun of it for your attitude (for the award) and for your generosity (for my part ;-))!

However I want to nominate a blog for the ‘Lemonade award for attitude and gratitude’, but not for the tutorials which are the subject of unikatissima, but because Leslie stands up for peace between Israel and Palestine with tireless dedication: The TikkunTree Project.
Perhaps some people like to participate in the project (guidelines of project) with a leaf or a dove.

Well, there’s something else to tell: ‘unikatissima’s compilation of tutorials’ is one year old today!
Last February I startet with the Cloche style hat and the Recycled Card Pillow Box.
It’s sheer lunacy!


The TikkunTree Project
Guidelines of The TikkunTree Project

Here at unikatissima: The beginning ;-)

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, S. When I started the TikkunTree project a few years ago, I had no idea it would touch so many people so deeply. The tree is making slow progress, so any and all contributions are still very welcome.

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