Beverage Carton Crochet

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Once I’ve seen a fashion photo where I’ve been really impressed by the garment.
Recently, when I drank my apple juice, I thought: ‘Yes, that’s the right material in the right colour for this!’


Therefore I figured out how to make it.

And that’s what you do:

First cut the (washed! ;-)) beverage carton in pieces and, if you like, you can arrange the pieces in a pattern that suits you best (best done on a stiff pad, then you can carry it away carefully, if necessary).

I cut my pieces just as I liked to (there is another garment), but regular shapes, square e.g. are not bad either. They were used in yet another garment (here a detail photo).


I didn’t arrange anything and on this photo I’m checking whether the piece fits at this place.


Subsequently prick holes into the cardboard. Try to get a regular spacing between the holes.

Please note that the holes may not be placed too closely to the edge!
I had to throw away some of my snippets because the thread ripped the hole.


That’s how my snippet looked like after the piercing from both sides.
The cardboard has a nice silver coloured internal coating which makes also the backside look good.


Afterwards I took my pierced snippet and surrounded it using a tapestry needle with button hole stitches with cotton thread.


The surrounding is finished.

I worked quite loosely to 1. get on easier with the crochet (see next step) and 2. keep my snippet in shape.


Afterwards I crocheted single crochet stitches single crochet stitches around the surrounding thread with the same thread.
Mostly I crocheted 2 single crochet stitches, sometimes even 3.
At the corners I crocheted 1 to 2 chain stitches chain stitches between the single crochets.


I then worked chains chains of about 5 stitches into the single crochets.


I joined the chains chains with the chains of the already finished item immediately when crocheting.


That’s what I’ve done until now.
I can imagine making a sommer vest from it, a belt or the top flap of a cute purse.
But I haven’t decided yet ;-))


My inspiration at Marella Ferrera Alta Moda:
Fall/Winter 98/99 – L’Isola dei Ciclopi
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Terracotta
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Ceramica
Fall/Winter 03/04 – Isola di Ceramica – Detail

Embroidery stitches:
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Crochet stitches:
Chain (English)
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Chain (English)
Chain (German)

Single crochet (English)
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Single crochet (English)
Single crochet (German)

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