Beaded Beads

Beaded Beads

Every beader wants to try a beaded bead sometime.
It isn’t easy to figure out by yourself how to do this, so I want to present several links which show how to bead different beads from beads.
Ehm… ;-))
The beaded beads on the photo were all woven by me around a bigger bead inside.

Janie’s Embellished Beads
Janie shows a basic bead and countless variations, one more beautiful than the next Beadwork:
Bead a Beaded Bead Jewelrymaking:
The beads here aren’t spheres, but cylinders, very good to learn the Peyote stitch (links below)
Beaded Bead
Beaded Bead Bracelet

Beaded Beads & Berries

Beaded Balls (French) (with explaining diagrams)

Beaded Ball & Loop Closure (English)

Peyote stitch: Beadwork: A website with lots of tutorials about beadwork
Basic Beading Stitch Tutorials A website with lots of (german) tutorials about beadwork: click on
‘Anleitungen’ in the sidebar left and there select one of the Peyote tutorials

Online Translators: