Sun Card

unikatissima Sun Card

Recently I needed a card for a man which had to show the colours wine red and gold.
What is more I wanted it simple yet elegant and I think that it worked out ;-))
(Click the picture to get an enlarged view.)


unikatissima Sun Card Inside The pattern shows inside, too.
Because I didn’t like the writing to be directly on the wine red I put a crème coloured paper in.


unikatissima Sun Card Template You can click the thumbnail of the template to download the enlarged template. The template is about 10 cm (appr. 4 inches), if you like to have a different size you will have to adapt the print size.

Simply lay the template on your card and prick all holes where you want to thread the yarn through (there are several possibilities, just try it).
Then weave in the thread.


Note: If you use an overlong thread you only get a thread tangle.
That’s why I worked in rings that I finished one by one.
You can find the technique that I used to thread the yarn through the hole in the entry Starburst Card.
I finished the ends of the threads on the backside as invisible as possible by laying them side by side and glueing them on.
In case that the backside of your card doesn’t look nice you can glue on a different coloured paper on both sides, that looks very good and conceals all imperfections.

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