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Once when I took a look at instructables I found the instruction Paper, Plastic, or Furoshiki? which fascinated me: Japanese use since a long time a cloth to wrap all sorts of things, as well to transport as to decorate them. And the Japanese Minister for Environment created an initiative to reduce waste to propagate Furoshiki as an ecological wrapping.
When making a little research I found even more Furoshiki folding instructions.


unikatissima Furoshiki
On the photos I wrapped four apples in a dishcloth – I just didn’t have a bandana or an old pillow case ;-) at hand.
In principle the dish cloth can be used but the knots get too big and it’s simply not the real McCoy.
Wikipedia says that the ‘real’ Furoshiki cloth are from cottom, rayon, nylon, a fabric called ‘chirimen’ or silk, in either case they are thinner and thus better to be knotted.
Also the sizes seem to be of a great variety, sure, you’ve always something different to wrap ;-)

Anyhow, I will try this more often :)

When researching I found also a nice idea: to wrap a gift for someone into an interesting cloth and include a printout of the diagram of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
I like this ;-)

At instructables: Paper, Plastic, or Furoshiki?

Furoshiki Techniques

Wikipedia entry for ‘Furoshiki’ (English) (I haven’t found a German entry)

Initiative for waste reduction (‘Mottainai Furoshiki’) of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment
Furoshiki folding diagram of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment

Blog entry with the nice idea about wrapping a gift

Google search result for ‘Furoshiki’
Google image search result for ‘Furoshiki’

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  1. Hello – what a great blog! I particularly like the basis for your sashiko embroidery – very inventive!

    If you’d like to find out about some more ways to use furoshiki (different styles of gift wrap, bags and home furnishings) please also have a look at our blog, particularly the February and March postings:


    Happy wrapping!

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