Crochet Afghan Squares

Priscilla Hewitt Fishermans Ring

I presented several crochet squares already but the one on the photo is one of my favorites since a long time.
Unfortunately I couldn’t crochet it immediately and haven’t had the time yet to try it unhurriedly.

If you like it, too, you can download a PDF file (ca. 970 KB) with the instructions for 17(!) most beautiful crochet squares at the Free Pattern Index of Priscilla’s Crochet (Afghan Squares).

And then you can begin with your crochet Afghan ;-))

Free Pattern Index of Priscilla’s Crochet
PDF file ‘Afghan Squares’ (ca. 970 KB)

Here at unikatissima:
Entries containing the words ‘crochet’ and ‘square’
crochet medaillon

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