Crocheted Paisleys

Crocheted Paisleys

Yesterday I presented a tutorial on Bead embroidered Paisleys. If you like Paisleys too but look for another technique to create them try Crocheted Paisleys Crocheted Paisleys.
One day I will make a shawl by crocheting lots and lots of those Paisleys and sewing them together!

Crocheted Paisleys
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Crocheted Paisleys (Paisley Jeans, Belt & Cell Phone Holder)

Here at unikatissima:
Bead embroidered Paisleys

6 thoughts on “Crocheted Paisleys”

  1. I tried do crochet one of these paisleys but had quite some searching to do to find out what is meant with dtr and hdc. The idea of a paisley-shawl is quite intriguing. Especially with the temperatures at the moment.

  2. Sorry, I read so many crochet instructions in English that I know the most important abbreviations.
    I will eventually present websites with translations of crochet abbreviations in several languages.

    Entschuldigung, ich habe so viele englische Häkelanleitungen gelesen, dass ich die wichtigsten Abkürzungen kenne.
    Irgendwann werde ich Webseiten mit Übersetzungen von Häkelabkürzungen in verschiedenen Sprachen vorstellen.

  3. Hello!

    I like the idea of crocheted paisley very much, but the link to the pattern is dead.
    Is it possible to upload it again, please?


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