Knitted Lace from Charts

unikatissima Knitted Lace
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I’ve begun to knit a summer lace shawl for myself – and because astonishingly I don’t find it boring there’s a little chance that I will finish it ;-)
But the chance is little and so I present it already ;-))

What I like best is that the base is a black-and-white chart that I designed myself (PDF file below at the links) and that most people would connect with filet crochet or cross stitch :)
It reads soo much easier ;-)

Please click the photo at the top to marvel at the still unfinished shawl: I’m working it up from the narrow side, the orange thread at the side marks the point where the pattern from my chart ends.
I want to knit the pattern three or four times.


unikatissima Knitted Lace
The lace patterns tends to slant, the item therefore has to be blocked very carefully.
But of course not until finished ;-)


The chart only shows the rows on the right side.
I worked the filled squares from the chart with two knit stitches,
for the empty squares I knitted two stitches together and made a yarn over.
The rows on the wrong side are purled, even the yarn overs.

Note: The last yarn over has to be maintained, therefore you need edge stitches, i.e. add a stitch on both sides of the row.
The edge stitch will be slipped if it is first of the row and knitted if it is last.

And that’s all there is to it ;-)

Other methods: Eehm, after I’ve written all this I found the article about filet knitting while surfing, where she presents and compares different methods to make the pattern with the holes.
So if you don’t like mine try this one ;-)


Another pattern:
Before beginning something big as a shawl needless to say that I played around and tried another self-designed chart (PDF file below at the links).


unikatissima Knitted Lace That is the pattern (if you want to work it you can download the PDF file (see links below)).


unikatissima Knitted Lace
Here I worked the filled squares of the chart as two knit stitches and the empty ones as two stitches knitted together and a yarn over (= the hole ;-)).


unikatissima Knitted Lace
And here I worked it the other way around to see what I like better: I worked the filled squares of the chart as two stitches knitted together and a yarn over and the empty ones as two knit stitches.


But of course you can do a lot of different things from these charts, you can e.g. really filet crochet or cross stitch, but also bead weave, colour knit etc.
Best if you look again at my former blog entry concerning this topic ;-)

unikatissima diagram ‘flourishes’ (PDF, ~210 KB) (the chart for the lace shawl)
unikatissima diagram ‘skopje’ (PDF, ~60 KB)

Filet Knitting

Here at unikatissima:
What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?

2 thoughts on “Knitted Lace from Charts”

  1. Oooooooooooh…this is *such* a great idea! I want to try it immediately, but there are so many projects in front of this one. ;>P

    Right now I prefer the one where the design is done as knit and the background is done as YO’s. That shawl with garter stitch as background looks like it’s going to be completely LOVELY. :>D

    Thank you for providing the PDF files! Ravelry people always give the best stuff away!

  2. First of all: thank you so much for your nice comment, I’m really glad that you like it.
    And if you begin with the project and mention this at ravelry then I can see how it works for you :)

    That shawl with garter stitch as background looks like it’s going to be completely LOVELY
    Thank you, I like it too, but the ‘garter stitch’ in the background are actually YO’s ;-)
    It’s just that the light came from one side and so the contrast was too strong.

    Anyway: have much fun with it!

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