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I decided to crochet a Bolero from self-designed crochet motives and selected the Bolero 1 as pattern (see the links below on how to find the pattern).


Jessica Tromp Bolero Patterns With Bolero 1 the square crochet motives are worked standing on their tip and I knew the width of the back of my Bolero.
So then I ‘only’ had to find out how long the edges of my crochet motives have to be and it’s Pythagoras who’s responsible for ;-)
And then I thought that I’m surely not the only one with such questions. You can get the same problem e.g. if you want to knit Entrelac and want to find out the size of the individual squares. I suppose that there are more uses for this when crafting or needleworking.
For all those people I wrote my Online Pythagoras Calculator ;-)

unikatissima’s Online Pythagoras Calculator

Jessica Tromp Bolero 1 Pattern (Bolero and shrug patterns, for women, knitting and crochet) => scroll down to ‘Bolero’s with squares, sorted by type’ and there ‘Bolero 1’

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