Wineglass Tea Light Holder

unikatissima Wineglass Tea Light Holder.jpg

Don’t these wineglass tea light holders look nice?
Once I’ve seen an instruction for them (that’s only available now via web archive), which was meant for Christmas with little Christmas ornaments put in the glasses.

I can’t throw away anything and so I thought that it’d look nice to fill the glasses…


unikatissima Wineglass Tea Light Holder.jpg… with hand-dyed paper scraps or…


unikatissima Wineglass Tea Light Holder.jpg… with yarn and thread scraps that I kept for reasons I can’t understand anymore ;-)


I can imagine as well to put flowers into the glasses, or carved vegetables or the apple swan or the little hors d’oeuvres penguin ;-)

Note: Be careful to fix the tea lights or even candles so that they can’t slip or topple over!

Wineglass Candles in web archive

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