Crocheted Stitch Markers

unikatissima Crocheted Stitch Markers

I wanted to present these little, ingenious crocheted stitch markers.
I crocheted mine in less than five minutes!

She offers instructions for small, medium and large ones at ravelry.
Generally speaking it’s ‘only’ a chain ring base crocheted with single crochets – very simple as all ingenious ideas are :)


unikatissima Crocheted Stitch Markers I did it a little differently:
– I wrapped a needle 3x too big a couple of times with the crochet thread and
– crocheted single crochets around this tread ring.
That’s because I don’t like rings of chains ;-)

Her stitch markers are more beautiful, but mine are sufficient for me ;-)
And I don’t have to fall back to my usual stitch markers ;-)

ravelry instructions (Stitch Markers)

Photos of her stitch markers at flickr: photo 1 (IMG_6415[1]), photo 2 (IMG_6411[1]) and photo 3 (IMG_6415[1])

Here at unikatissima:
Little Improvised Knitting Helpers