Granny Square Spiral

youtube nadelspiel_com Granny Square Spiral

I once wrote a tutorial for a crochet spiral and I find such a Granny Square Spiral also great :)

    The video is in German, so here some explanations that may help:

  • For the parts that get broader/smaller she’s using sequences of single crochets (“feste Masche”), half double crochets (“halbe Stäbchen”) and double crochets (“Stäbchen”), she ends every colour with a slip stitch (“Kettmasche”).
  • At some points she’s crocheting more than one stitch in one stitch.
  • After the Granny Square is actually finished, she adds a round of single crochets in the last colour to make the border more beautiful.
  • The Granny Square spiral can always be made larger by crocheting more rounds.

Häkeln: Granny Square Spirale * Granny Square mit Ringelpietz (German)
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