Plastic Bottle Box

greenupgrader Soda Bottle Coin Purse

Yesterday we cut a plastic bottle to make a knitting loom, today we can make a box from the cut off bottom of the bottle.
It’s not a real instruction, but when you look closely at the photos you can see that the plastic bottoms are perforated at the edge and that a zipper is sewn into the holes.

Addendum: There are instructions now, you can find the English ones here (thanks, Nina).

Plastic Bottle Box (recycled box/Recycling Box)
English instructions
German instructions

I’ve seen the photo and found it time-consuming to find the source:
I found the link to the plastic bottle box:
via Need More Fiber,
via Dollar Store Crafts (they have more great ideas!),
via greenUPGRADER,
I thought that I’d never reach an end ;-))

By the way I suggest to take a look a the flickr group TRASHION NATION, they also have great ideas!