Fringed Buttons

unikatissima Fringed Button

I found the fringed buttons very nice. But they are done with ready-made fringes which I don’t have at home.


unikatissima Fringed Button Therefore I made a kind of pom-pom from wool rests and put my button inside there and although I find the button awful kitschy I quite like the combination ;-))


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Buttons Of course you can as well tuck a Crazy Daisy under the button ;-))


Fringe-y Goodness

Here at unikatissima:
Crazy Daisy Ring
Crazy Daisies
Crazy Daisies II

2 thoughts on “Fringed Buttons”

  1. These are perfect for a little girl knitted sweater or dress, thanks
    p.s. I’m in your Thrifty group

  2. They would look great on a little girl, that’s right, but I’m not sure how robust the buttons are, because my pom-pom could easily loose some threads.

    It’s worth a try ;-)

    As for the ravelry group thrifty knitters: I haven’t found you.
    If you like to send me an email with your user name, I would like to see what you are doing ;-)
    (You can simply click on email in the text below ‘About unikatissima’ in the right navigation bar.)

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