Herringbone/Ndebele Necklace

unikatissima Herringbone Ndebele Necklace

Some time ago I made a Herringbone or Ndebele necklace.
I find it beautiful, it is wonderfully sleeky and simply elegant.
And I found the bead weaving itself downright relaxing.

To make sure that the necklace doesn’t look boring I simply made a little Peyote bead like for my paper beads bracelet, pulled it over the necklace and worked little bead fringes on the bead like for the pages 9 & 10 of my artist book – looots ;-)
Well, I like it ;-)

Herringbone/Ndebele Necklace(Beaded Herringbone Cord)

Peyote Beads (Beaded Bead)

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