Random Squares Pattern Generator

unikatissima Random Squares Pattern Generator unikatissima Random Squares Pattern Generator

I can’t remember why I wanted to let generate square mirrored random patterns: it took me so long to finish my random squares pattern generator ;-)

But I must say now that I’m really amazed of the generated patterns!
I sat already for hours and let make patterns and saved them ;-)
Personally I prefer the patterns of a width from about 15 squares to 35 squares: the patterns are very varied and you can recongnize very well the mirroring of the patterns. The bigger they get the more they seem merely random and then I don’t like them anymore.
By the way: up until now I haven’t had no pattern twice except for the really little ones!

I even tried some patterns already! ;-))
I knitted and filet crocheted some swatches, there was no time for more yet, but I must say as always: you can make muuuch more from the patterns than only filet crochet and cross stich!

Have fun with my random squares pattern generator!

P.S.: By the way, you can find the patterns from the top at the random squares pattern generator under ‘Completed patterns’, they are both 25 squares wide :)

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Random Squares Pattern Generator
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