Freeform Crocheted Sphere Lamps

initiative-handarbeit Freeform Crocheted Sphere Lamps

I find the lamps funny ;-)
Especially because you don’t do anything else than freeform crochet on the spherical lamp frames.

But I won’t make them because my ceiling is very low and I had always to go round the lamps ;-))
But I have more lamps ‘on offer’ ;-))


Because the instruction is in German, here a (very short) translation:

You need: sphere lamp frame, different yarns (funky yarns, cotton, wool, ribbon yarn and so on, all in white or nature colours), big crochet hooks (5 mm and 7 mm (for conversion of crochet hooks see links below)) and if you like some big paillettes.

Patterns: They say that it looks best if you use a lot of patterns.
You can find inspiration in their PDF file, where they use the following stitches:
= ch (Chain)
= sc (Single crochet)
= dc (Double crochet)
= V st (V-stitch)
= ps (Puff stitch)
= shell (Shell stitch) with 4 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc
If you click the stitch names here above, you can see how these stitches are worked.

How to: Begin on top: crochet a chain ring to lay around the top opening. Crochet rings of patterns around the lamp, but they say that it looks great, too, if you change the pattern often by e.g. working crochet medaillons and adding them into your patterns.
They suggest to best crochet directly on the lamp frame so that you always can see whether it still fits.
They say that it was better to work too narrow than too wide and that they often worked with a couple of threads at a time with 7 mm needles.

Finish: Sew everything on at the top and bottom of the lamp frame. Cut from all threads fringes of about 1,60 m/4,5-5 inches and add to the bottom edge. If you like to, add some big paillettes.

Freeform Crocheted Sphere Lamps (Umhäkelte Leuchtkörper) (German)

Stitch descriptions:
ch (Chain)
sc (Single crochet)
dc (Double crochet)
V st (V-stitch)
ps (Puff stitch)
shell (Shell stitch)

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