Lace Knitters Advent Calendar 2014

unikatissima’s Lace Snowdrop

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unikatissima's lace knitter's advent calendar 2014
This year again you can knit a most beautiful shawl on the 24 days of Advent with several patterns flowing harmonious into each other. And as always: shouldn’t you need a shawl simply make a tablerunner :)

The picture only gives an idea of what you will knit but (hopefully ;-)) don’t spoil the surprise.
(And if you’re curious: there are more pictures ;-))

Note: There is the group unikatissima at ravelry where you can discuss this pattern and my other patterns, too and where you can show us your wip (work in progress).
You can register at ravelry with your username and a valid email address only, with all other information about you it’s up to you whether you give them (at least it was like this when I registered ;-)).

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About the pattern:

  1. The shawl has this year
    * a decorative border on both ends over the whole width,
    * beautiful symmetrical decorative borders right and left of the main pattern which easily can be blocked to points,
    * a 12 stitch pattern repeat which allows you to knit the shawl as wide as you like and
    * a lengthening pattern to adapt the length of your shawl in two places to your liking.
  2. The pattern is
    * a multiple of 12 pattern sts + 19 start/end sts + 2 edge sts (sts = stitches),
    * the total length without lengthening pattern are 386 rows and
    * the lengthening pattern has 12 rows and has to be inserted on both sides of the center pattern.
  3. If you want to make it
    * wider/narrower simply change the number of repeats;
    * shorter
        – use a smaller needle size and/or
        – finer yarn and/or
        – knit tighter;
    * longer
        – knit one ore more lengthening patterns on both sides of the center pattern,
        – use a larger needle size and/or
        – thicker yarn and/or
        – knit more loose.

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About the finished items:

Please bear in mind: the size always depends on your gauge and also on the way you knit – I’m always knitting very loosely.

For the bright red cotton shawl I
* knitted 3 pattern repeats and
* no lengthening patterns with
* about 390 m red cotton yarn (100 g ca. 580 m) with
* 4 mm needles and
* got a shawl (or tablerunner ;-)) of about 22 x 128 cm.
I knitted the respective daily pattern parts in about 25 min.

For the bordeaux red socks wool shawl I
* knitted 3 pattern repeats and
* one lengthening pattern on both sides of the center pattern with
* about 383 m bordeaux red socks wool (100 g ca. 420 m) with
* 3,5 mm needles and
* got a shawl of about 28 x 140 cm.
I knitted the respective daily pattern parts in about 25 min.

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Deutsche Version:

Du kannst diese Seite auch auf deutsch lesen.

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The daily instructions:

Please note, that you agree to my terms of use by using my patterns.
You will find them on the last page of each file.

unikatissima’s lace knitter’s advent calendar 2014 is now Lace Snowdrop – and still as beautiful as well in fine cotton yarn for summer as in warming wool for winter :)


Lengthening pattern calculator:

The calculator works with JavaScript, so please enable JavaScript or calculate the number of inserts on your own following the instructions in the file of day 8.

enter the measured length of your blocked knitting until and including day 8 (rows 1 – 120):
enter the desired length length of your scarf/shawl: inches


If you like unikatissima’s Lace Snowdrop and want to support me you can donate here a sum that you feel appropriate:

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More pictures:

(clicking on a picture ‘sends’ you to Lace snowdrop at ravelry where the pictures are larger)

unikatissima's lace snowdrop - cotton  unikatissima's lace snowdrop - cotton

unikatissima's lace snowdrop - cotton  unikatissima's lace snowdrop - cotton

unikatissima's lace snowdrop - sockswool  unikatissima's lace snowdrop - sockswool

unikatissima's lace snowdrop - sockswool  unikatissima's lace snowdrop - sockswool

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5 thoughts on “Lace Knitters Advent Calendar 2014”

  1. The pattern is beautifull and your instructions are very complete. Thank you for that.

    One suggestion: my scarf is curling at the sides, its a one ply yarn. Next time I would knit 4 garter stitches at the beginning and end of each needle.

  2. Bernadette,

    thank you for your compliment and for your suggestion, that is very kind.
    Enjoy the rest of the Advent calendar knit – and should you want to show us your knit please don’t hesitate to come to ravelry to my my group :)
    (is it obvious that I am curious? ;-))

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