Balloon Flower Polymer Clay Cane

PCPolyzine Balloon Flower Polymer Clay Cane

Isn’t the balloon flower polymer clay cane beautiful?
It can be made so fine because you work it big and then reduce it.

And if the balloon flower isn’t for you, try some other polymer clay canes ;-)


Balloon Flower Polymer Clay Cane

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Polymer Clay Chrysanthemum Cane

PCPolyzine Polymer Clay Chrysanthemum Cane

I always found the polymer clay Chrysanthemum cane most beautiful!

Besides it’s not long any more until Valentine’s Day where you can possibly do with the Chrysanthemum hearts ;-)
But there are muuuch more interesting polymer clay tutorials ;-)

And if you don’t fancy Chrysanthemums much, there are still a lot of other polymer clay flower canes ;-)

Polymer Clay Chrysanthemum Cane (The Translucent Chrysanthemum Cane)

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Polymer Clay Tsunami Cane

unikatissima Polymer Clay Tsunami Cane

Loooong ago I found the tutorial on how to make the polymer clay tsunami cane and tried it then immediately.
I find the cane really beautiful, but unfortunately I made more of a disk that I couldn’t reduce anymore.
It lays since years cased in a plastic bag and seems now to be quite hardened and brittle ;-(
But I can’t throw it away yet, I could still get an idea about what to do with it ;-))

The Tsunami Cane

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Polymer Clay Letter Cane

unikatissima Polymer Clay Letter Cane

I found a very cute idea at glassattic: letter canes from polymer clay.
Somebody writes there: ‘I made a nice letter cane using the mosaic “pixels” method taught by CityZen Cane…turned out nice!
….tip: wrap the letter itself with a sheet of background color before adding mthe rest of the background color, to avoid “chinks” in letter’s edge’

In other words they worked in a similar way than for the Checkerboard Cane: they rolled out two different coloured sheets from polymer clay, cut them into stripes and put those stripes together to a ‘pixelated’ letter cane.
The letters from the Celtic Cross Stitch Generator could be used as templates.
Or, if you don’t want to make a letter, perhaps my Cross Stitch Heart!? ;-)
I already prepared the first letter of my name, but I won’t have the time to make such a letter cane very soon.

Note about letter cane (check at ‘WRAPPED:’ => ‘……Mosaic’)

In the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia: Checkerboard Cane

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Polymer Clay Ikat Cane

unikatissima Polymer Clay Ikat Cane

Another wonderful technique when working with polymer clay is the simulation of Ikat, a weaving technique. The tutorial on how to make Ikat canes describes superb, how it works.
On the photo you see a bracelet which beads I made with the Ikat technique.
Even though it is long ago I still like it ;-))

At Polymer Clay Central: Polymer Clay Ikat Canes

Polymer Clay Flower Canes

Polymer Clay Flower Canes

This Thursday started its first challenge which theme is ‘fresh’.
When I heard about I thought immediately about the little polymer clay box I made long ago but am still fond of (not least because of its freshness ;-))
It is a little cardboard box that I covered with polymer clay and embellished with self-made flower and leaf canes (for links to tutorials see links below).


Polymer Clay Flower Canes On this picture you see one side of the box. The finger isn’t there by accident, but to show how small the box is ;-))


Polymer Clay Flower Canes This is a close-up from the lid. You can see the purple Hydrangea-like flowers with the Jellyroll center and the leaves.
I made the transparent cane with the white dots to simulate those white flower tufts often used by florists.


Polymer Clay Flower Canes Just a last close-up.


Hydrangea-like flowers

Reducing Polymer Clay Canes

Reducing Polymer Clay Canes

When working with polymer clay you often work with canes. On the photo you see some of mine.
You can create them quite big (and therefore easier to deal with then small ones), but then you must reduce them.
If you simply roll your canes, all those beautiful patterns will be distorted.
At Polymer Clay Central you find answers for nearly all questions about polymer clay ;-) and gazillions of projects, tutorials and ideas.
One is the tutorial on how to reduce canes.
If you want to see other tutorials on canes, take a look at the table of contents of the Cyclopedia and search on the site for ‘cane’.
You will be amazed! :-))
(And if you ask yourself what to do with those canes, take e.g. a look at the bowl embellished with the TrueLEIGH Rose Cane (last photo). This convinced me that it was worth a try ;-))

Polymer Clay Central – Better look yourself ;-))
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Tutorial on how to reduce canes