Wire and Resin Earrings

instructables Rhonda Chase Design Wire and Resin Earrings

Do you remember the pantyhose petals?
The wire and resin earrings are also made with a wire shape that then will be covered with resin instead of a pantyhose ;-)
Looks also nice, doesn’t it?


Wire and Resin Earrings (String Resin Earrings)

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Resin Knitting Needles

craftster Resin Knitting Needles

You must absolutely check this!
Up until now I knew resin only for making jewelry, but this tutorial on how to make resin knitting needles is ingenious and the needles are fantastic!
However I recommend strongly to check the (admittedly many) comments, because they’re discussing there their (also bad) experiences.

If you are a little scared by resin just as I am you can however try to make some self-made wooden knitting needles.
But the others are more beautiful ;-)

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