Crocheted buttons

Crocheted buttons

I find it often difficult to find the right buttons for my needlework. At Univers du crochet d’art I eventually found an instruction on how to crochet (and embroider) buttons. It is written in French, but the tutorial is illustrated so that I could easily understand what to do.
On the photo you see my self-made button, it is worked in crochet and then embellished with embroidery.

Addendum of June 23, 2010: The Univers du crochet d’art moved and I didn’t find the instruction there and nowhere else in internet.
But there are many instructions for crocheted buttons, you simply have to choose another one ;-)

Univers du crochet d’art: A french website on crochet
Page moved to: A french website on crochet

Crocheted buttons (French) (with explaining pictures)
The link doesn’t work anymore, try the Google search result for ‘crochet button’

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  1. Du hast Recht.
    Deshalb habe ich in meinen UFOs gekramt und meinen eigenen Knopf heraus gesucht, um den zu präsentieren ;-)

    The previous comment was that the buttons on the image are embroidered and not crocheted.
    She’s right, so I rummaged through my UFOs to present my own button ;-)

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