Hand Made Soap

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They say in the tutorial: melt the soap and pour into molds or something like that.
Actually there seem to be soap and soap, on the photo you can see what happened to my soap: it didn’t melt at all and I only got a slobbery mass.
Well, another time I will look better what kind of soap I’m buying ;-))

Hand Made Soap (Handgemachte Seife) (German)

I found more tutorials where they ‘refine’ the soap with almond oil and dried herbs:
How to Rebatch Soap (Almond Oil Method) (English)
How to Rebatch Soap (Dried Herb Method) (English)
both via: Rebatching Ivory Soap (English)

Felting Soap

Felting Soap

I heard somewhere about felting soap and I asked myself why one should do this!
Then I found the tutorial on how to felt soap, tried it and really enjoyed it ;-)
It is not alone the process of felting, but later the washing of my hands with my felted soap felt wonderful too! So I didn’t give it away but kept it just for myself ;-)
It is gone now and I really should felt another.

Felting Soap