Coffee Filter Rose

Emmalee Elizabeth Design Coffee Filter Rose

I find that the coffee filter rose looks real!

By the way, there’s more here in the blog from coffee filters :)


Coffee Filter Rose (Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial)
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via: 20 Beautiful Coffee Filter Crafts – Coffee Filter Roses via Emmalee Elizabeth Design

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Rose Garden Gift of Money

Die Raumfee Rose Garden Money Gift

Gifts of money have a bad reputation, but if you want to please someone who’s wish is a trip to English gardens, you can give him money in the form of a Rose garden gift of money – by the way, the banknotes are coiled up and integrated into the fence.
Isn’t it beautiful? :)

Thanks, Brigitte, for the link!


Rose Garden Gift of Money (I (never) promised you a rose garden.) (German)

Apple Rose Tart

Under Lock and Key Apple Rose Tart

I love apple cake, but I didn’t know that you can make pretty easily such a beautiful apple rose tart!
And if you search for ‘tart apple rose’ you can find more most beautiful variations, such as ‘flower bouquets’, ‘single roses’, ‘rose beds’ and so on.


Apple Rose Tart (Sunday baking – apple tart)
Google image search result for ‘tart apple rose’