Design Paper Snowflakes

RectangleWorld Design Paper Snowflakes

You need as different paper snow­flakes as possible for the paper snow­flake mobile of yesterday.
And before cutting them you can design the paper snowflakes!
Aren’t they great? :)

Or take simply a look at the previously presented paper snowflakes ;-)


Design Paper Snowflakes (Paper Snowflake Maker)

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Paper Snowflake Mobile
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Paper Snowflakes

Here I want to present three most beautiful paper snowflakes – I simply couldn’t decide for just one ;-)


zhidi gongyizhiyi 3D Paper Snowflakes
These paper snowflakes are really 3D.

3D Paper Snowflakes (Simple three-dimensional paper-cut snowflakes tutorial) (Chinese)
English Google translation of entry


Joybx Paper Snowflakes
Here are given a lot of wonderful patterns for paper snowflakes.

Paper snowflakes
via: gasp!


pinterest DIY Paper Star
This paper snowflake is actually a paper flower, but I love it as also snowflake ;-)

Paper Snowflakes (DIY paper flower)


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