Design Paper Snowflakes

RectangleWorld Design Paper Snowflakes

You need as different paper snow­flakes as possible for the paper snow­flake mobile of yesterday.
And before cutting them you can design the paper snowflakes!
Aren’t they great? :)

Or take simply a look at the previously presented paper snowflakes ;-)


Design Paper Snowflakes (Paper Snowflake Maker)

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Paper Snowflake Mobile
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Window Snowflakes

Harvest Moon by Hand Window Snowflakes

These window snowflakes remember me of the folded spirals and the tesselation, but they are more Christmas-sy :)


Window Snowflakes (White Snowflake Stars)
via: 4 White Snowflake Stars for Winter and Christmas Decorations
via: 4 White Snowflake Stars for Winter and Christmas Decorations | Waldorf Window Stars

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Folded Spirals

Layered Paper Flowers

Holly Brooke Jones Layered Paper Flowers

I’ve presented some paper flowers, paper stars and paper snowflakes already, to glue them into each other and make layered paper flowers makes them still more beautiful, I think :)


Layered Paper Flowers (Instructions for making Paper Flower-Flakes)
via: DIY Paper Flower : Tutorial: Instructions for making Paper Flower-Flakes – Holly Brooke Jones blog

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