Paper Leaves

Everyday Mom Ideas Paper Leaves

A whole bouquet of Spring coloured paper leaves, isn’t this nice? :)

I have presented something similar before, for a start the paper leaves wreath and then the leaves for the fabric/paper place mat.


Paper Leaves (Scrap Paper Tree Centerpiece Tutorial (Featured guest blogger)) (englisch)
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Paper Leaves Wreath
Fabric/Paper Place Mat

Layered Paper Flowers

Holly Brooke Jones Layered Paper Flowers

I’ve presented some paper flowers, paper stars and paper snowflakes already, to glue them into each other and make layered paper flowers makes them still more beautiful, I think :)


Layered Paper Flowers (Instructions for making Paper Flower-Flakes)
via: DIY Paper Flower : Tutorial: Instructions for making Paper Flower-Flakes – Holly Brooke Jones blog

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Solino Stars

deschdanja Solino Stars

I presented several paper snowflakes before, the beautiful Solino stars belong to them, too, although they’re called ‘stars’ ;-)

By the way, at first glance they look like the first of the three paper snowflakes, but they’re made differently.
This way you can chose the way of making them that you like most :)


Solino Stars (Solino Sterne) (German)

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Paper Snowflakes