unikatissima Ply-split

Ply-split is a kind of weaving, but the multi-plied threads are woven through in place of over and under each other (ok, I understand, that this description isn’t very good, best take a look at the links below ;-))
In my entry Freeform Embroidery you can see at the bottom of the photo, too, how ply-split can look.


unikatissima Ply-split
The photos show my attempts at ply-splitting, you can get a muuuch better idea by browsing the Google image search.


unikatissima Ply-split
I once even tried to make a pendant with this technique, but it didn’t really work.
Anyhow I still like the combination of ply-split and beads.


Linda Hendrickson Tablet Weaving and Ply-Split Braiding: scroll down to ‘Ply-split braiding’
On the same site you can find articles about ply-splitting: click in the left navigational bar on ‘Links’, then click on ‘Ply-splitting’, then click on ‘Articles’, then you find 3 articles from Weaver’s

Ply-Splitting at weavershand: links to galleries, instructions and websites of ply-split artists

Gallery of star ornaments

Instruction: Ply-split darning Bookmark: click in the left navigational bar on ‘Ply split braiding’, then click on ‘Begin Braiding 2d Ply Split’

Instruction for a ply-split scarf as PDF (ca. 156 KB) – it looks to me that one have to have some experience with ply-splitting

Instruction for a beautiful snake – it looks to me that one have to have some experience with ply-splitting

Google image search result for ‘ply-split’

Freeform Embroidery

Freeform Embroidery - Freeform Sticken

On the photo you see my idea of Freeform Embroidery which was highly inspired by ‘Rock Pool’ and ‘Laying It On The Line’.

I used a piece of old (but clean! ;-)) bedsheet as base. First I laid some worsted and funky yarns on it which I fixed with couching stitches (at the top of the photo). Then I stitched some french knots (light yellow on the photo). Below is my first attempt at ply-split braiding which I fixed with some couching stitches too.

It is one of my many UFOs (‘unfinished objects’), but one day I will come back to it ;-)

Inspirations: ‘Rock Pool’ / ‘Laying It On The Line’

English Embroidery Stitch Diagrams
Deutsche Stickstichbeschreibungen

Couching stitches (English)
Couching stitches (German)

French knots (English)
French knots (German)

Ply-split Braiding: a (very) short description and resources
PDF Ply-split tutorials by Peter Collingwood (scroll down)