Stash scarf

unikatissima Stash Scarf
Once I found a great blog entry where somebody showed how she’s working her stash and scrap yarns into a scarf. Unfortunately I don’t find the entry back ;-(

In principle she sorted her stash according to colours (her example was made in blues) and from each yarn she crocheted a long row, every row even in another crochet stitch.
I hope that the photos are a help.


unikatissima Stash Scarf I found the result so stunning that I made a birthday gift for a good friend from it ;-)

By the way, this can surely be done in knitting, too!?


2 thoughts on “Stash scarf”

  1. Thank you, Mary, but no, I don’t have any pattern. I made it up as I went along, when a row was finished, I looked what stitch I would like to crochet next and simply did it ;-)

    That way you’ll have most fun, because you always work what you fancy at the moment ;-))

    Enjoy and if you have made one, I’d love to see a photo somewhere in internet :)

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