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unikatissima Maze Generator

Yesterday I showed what can be done with filet crochet/cross stitch embroidery charts.
Today I want to present my maze pattern generator.

Some time ago I played a little around with mosaic (slip-stitch) knitting and found that mazes are as if made for that.
You can see this e.g. on the photo where I show a mosaic knitted wrist warmer.

Because I didn’t felt like always making the mazes myself, I looked in internet whether I can’t find anything and – ta-DAA! – I found the Maze Maker for which John Lauro kindly even published the algorithm (Thanks, John!).
There are more maze generators, but I found those of the Maze Maker most beautiful of all.


unikatissima Maze Generator unikatissima Maze Generator Therefore I sat down and wrote a program that generates mazes of a given size and where I can even specify the path lengths.
I let output an overview (little picture) and the pattern (template), because I find the overviews are easier to compare.


unikatissima Maze Generator Of course you can (as ‘mentioned’ yesterday ;-)) work filet crochet but also mosaic knitted wrist warmers like the one on the photo on top, …


unikatissima Maze Generator …embroidered cards (here I always pricked a little hole in the center of the little black squares which I embroidered with running stitches worked in both directions) …


unikatissima Maze Generator …and bead work (here beaded square stitch).
By the way this is a good example where the result looks different from the pattern: the beads are simply not square.


unikatissima’s Maze Pattern Generator

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