Online Pattern Generator (Cellular Automaton)

unikatissima Cellular Automaton Generator

I wrote another online pattern generator that you can use in a manner of speaking for ‘nearly everything’ ;-), but this time not for maze patterns, but for patterns that are made with a so called cellular automaton.


To tell you the truth, I haven’t as yet understood fully what a cellular automaton is ;-)

Everything began when I saw this knitted Cellular Automata Tea Cozy.
I found the pattern quite funny, so I made a little research and when I found the many different patterns that such a cellular automaton can generate I was dead set on writing an online pattern generator for such patterns.

Ta-DAA! And here it is.

A suggestion: If you don’t like a (random) pattern, simply click the ‘random’ or the ‘random random’ button again, some of the patterns differ considerably from each other!
And if you don’t know exactly what to do with the diagrams simply read again my entry ‘What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?’ ;-)

I wish you a lot of fun with it!

By the way: On the photo you see my first printed patterns, yarn in two colours, some beads, crochet and knitting needles.
I simply can’t settle for a project to begin ;-))

unikatissima’s Pattern Generator (Cellular Automaton)
unikatissima’s Maze Pattern Generator

Cellular Automata Tea Cozy
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Elementary Cellular Automaton

Here at unikatissima:
What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?